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Beaglebone workshop MIT Manipal

Tenet Technetronics' Beaglebone workshop at MIT Manipal

Tenet Technetronics’ Educational Department Tenet Varsity conducted a hands on workshop on the Beaglebone black platform. This time around we had a class full of graduates from the Masters program and a interactive session where students pooled in a lot of experiments on their own during the course of the training and really got involved in trying various tricks and tips to get some thing running on the platform.    

     All in all a great experience for us and great thanks to the organizers who managed to put up an hazzle free setup for us to get the classes moving smoother.

     As always a few snaps from the event !!

     If you are a student/geek/hobbyist who is interested to attend one of these workshops you could  register for our weekend workshops that happen at our venue at our facility in Bangalore or if you have a group interested and want our workshop team to come down to your facility please feel free to contact us at to explore more on our offerings.

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