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Remotely Access Raspberry Pi using MobaXterm

Introduction: This blog is very useful for the users who want to remotely access your raspberry pi without dedicated monitor,keyboard and mouse.Eventhough raspberry pi is a cheaper solution for SBC most of geeks/ hobbiyst are hesitating to buy ...


NOOBS for Raspberry Pi

NOOBS–>New Out Of Box Software  NOOBS gives the user a choice to install five different operating system including  Raspbian,pidora,two verisons of XBMC,Arch Linux,RiscOS.NOOBS is simple to use,just copy the downloaded files  to the SD ...


Java Running on Raspberry Pi

Lot of people asking me whether it is possible to run java on raspberry pi.Yes it is possible.In this article you will get a clear idea of installing Java on Raspberry Pi.Then creating a simple GUI to access Pi GPIO. For making the bridge between ...