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beaglebone black

Live Streaming on Beaglebone Black

Now its time to changing your beaglebone black into your webcam server capable of hosting a live streaming.Most people make it as a CCTV system.Ok first we need to install an operating system(I am using debian),for debian installation with GUI on ...


AVR pocket programmer solution for windows7

I had a project on Arduino, while doing that I did some mistake so suddenly Atmega328 IC has burnt. So what to do… Obviously I bought the new Atmega328 controller but it doesn’t come with boot loader. After some research I found that AVR pocket ...


Accessing Servo Motor using Raspberry Pi

This  guide helps you to drive servo motor using Raspberry Pi.Once we find out the solution to drive a motor using pi then we can build a lot of robots.Let see about it in detail. Applications of Servo Motor: Building Robots Video ...


Accessing GPIO in BeagleBone Black

Accessing Beaglebone black is same as the other Embedded Linux Development board like Raspberry Pi.The confusing part is knowing which pin from the header actually maps to which pin number.This is a quick start guide for accessing Beaglebone Black ...


Arduino compatible Sim300 GSM Module @ Tenet Technetronics

This is a plug and play GSM Modem with a simple serial interface. Using this we can send SMS, receive SMS and do other GSM operations by controlling through simple AT commands from the micro-controllers and computers. It uses highly popular SIM300 ...