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Building GUI's for Wandboard to access GPIO pins "

After playing for a while with the Wandboard now its time to explore that we can access the gpio of wandboard using GUI(Tkinter).We had written library for Wandboard for accessing GPIO.For a very detailed explanation kindly check with the below ...


Beagle Bone and Panda Board ES is now available in stock with Tenet Technetronics

 The Beagle Bone stock have arrived Tenet Technetronics and the lot size is 50+ boards. Also I was thinking about replenishing Panda Board as the previously shipped boards are sold out faster. My logistics team surprised me with a carton full ...


Meet BeagleBone, the open source hardware platform, giving electronic enthusiasts a smaller, friendlier and more affordable treat. Now Available at Tenet Technetronics!

  BEAGLE BONE For more info please Visit: Or write us to: Scridb ...