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Wandboards arrive at Tenet Technetronics and ships right away when customers order !

After a long wait and the shipments waiting to clear the customs in India we are finally relieved to see that the Wandboards reached us today at our office ! For people who are new and have not heard about the wandboards, its a new single board low ...


HACK FEST 2013 Based on Freescale i.MX Platform….

It is an immense pleasure for Tenet Technetronics to announce that we are hosting our first “Hack fest 2013” for Technical hunters and hobbyists.      Register now! In a nutshell  Hackfest at Tenet Lets users to quickly get an overview of ...


Can u Buy a Raspberry Pi from Tenet Technetronics In India ? Yes of course !

 Tenet Technetronics with its sales team is looking at ways to constantly delight customers and we are constantly adding efforts to make sure that or customers get the electronic development tools that they would like to play with. We have seen ...