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Bluetooth dongle for raspberry pi

Interfacing Bluetooth with Raspberry Pi

 Introduction This article helps you to interface Bluetooth module with raspberry pi.Bluetooth is  a useful tool for getting devices communicating wirelessly.If you want to interface your raspberry pi with printer,mobile or media ...


Pi is in stock @Tenet Technetronics

Pi is in stock @Tenet Technetronics Raspberry Pi is back to stock in huge numbers. It is really going to be a great time for the sales executives in selling out the stock and the logistics team will become too busy in shipping out the boards to the ...


Wandboards arrive at Tenet Technetronics and ships right away when customers order !

After a long wait and the shipments waiting to clear the customs in India we are finally relieved to see that the Wandboards reached us today at our office ! For people who are new and have not heard about the wandboards, its a new single board low ...