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Bluetooth dongle for raspberry pi

Interfacing Bluetooth with Raspberry Pi

 Introduction This article helps you to interface Bluetooth module with raspberry pi.Bluetooth is  a useful tool for getting devices communicating wirelessly.If you want to interface your raspberry pi with printer,mobile or media ...


Remotely Access Raspberry Pi using MobaXterm

Introduction: This blog is very useful for the users who want to remotely access your raspberry pi without dedicated monitor,keyboard and mouse.Eventhough raspberry pi is a cheaper solution for SBC most of geeks/ hobbiyst are hesitating to buy ...


Java Running on Raspberry Pi

Lot of people asking me whether it is possible to run java on raspberry pi.Yes it is possible.In this article you will get a clear idea of installing Java on Raspberry Pi.Then creating a simple GUI to access Pi GPIO. For making the bridge between ...


Pidora running on Raspberry Pi

Now fedora followers can finally get their own Pi-optimized distro-Pidora 18 is based on the latest build of Fedora for the ARMv6 architecture(Raspberry Pi), and included packages from the Fedora 18 package set. Highlights of Pidora: All of the ...


Accessing Raspberry Pi through Serial

When you are  setting up a new Raspberry Pi, it’s helpful to have console access so that it can saves you from having the separate keyboard and monitor.So i am using this serial cable 3.3V. Inside the usb plug there is an USB to Serial conversion ...


Arduino IDE running on Raspberry Pi

In this blog I will show how to install Arduino IDE and work with Arduino UNO on raspberry pi.Here you will find cheapest solution for running an Arduino IDE in the SBC (Raspberry Pi). Note: You have to use powered USB HUB connected to raspberry pi, ...