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Configuring XBee in sleep mode

The advantage of a wireless connection is that devices do not require physical wires to communicate with one another. So, it also makes sense if they use batteries instead of mains AC power. However, battery life can also pose a major limitation to ...


Configuring Xbee for point to point

The pair of XBees alone won’t get you very far. In most cases you’ll want a separate module to interface with the XBee. You can use an XBee Shield to connect an XBee to your Arduino. Selecting an Explorer The first step to communicate with ...


How to restore bricked Xbee module

While upgrading your Xbee or modifying the Xbee setting, we will mistakenly bricked our Xbee. Did you brick your Xbee module? Here are the steps to unbrick it. Step 1 Take your bricked Xbee module along with Xbee Explorer USB. Then open your X-CTU ...