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Watch out for the End of Year 2011 deals on electronic development tools this week at Our Web store : Tenet Technetronics !

With this year Tenet marks the completion of 4 years and we are highly excited towards the next year as we have some really cool business models as well as new ventures that Tenet will get into. In the past couple of years we have got enormous reviews and feedback from customers and as a company we make as much efforts as possible to incorporate them and improve the customer experience. 


Special offers End of Year -2011

This year we planned to introduce a end of year (2011) week sales and this is mainly targeted to bundle and provide as much offers as we can to make people take up electronic development solutions and kick start their next projects. 

Of course, we would want it to be similar to a Free Day but given the affordability of the tools , import taxes ..etc we have managed to think about some deals that would wow the customers to go and buy some stuff for Christmas and New Year .

 Please be noted that these special offers run from 25th December to 1 st January 2012 (12 midnight) and please plan accordingly and place orders online. we are making as much efforts to get all offers online as soon as we can and ship them out as early as possible. 

Some heads up on the offers : 

  • There are no back orders allowed on offers. 
  • POs as well as government organizations will also be considered and entertained, but please make sure to send in your POs within the specified offer week and also order with only advance payments are allowed in the offer.
  • Some products may take a week to 10 days to ship given that the tools have to be imported but we plan to make as much offers on in stock items to begin with.
  • Offers would be uploaded all through the week and  a post would be made to our blog as well as as our twitter accounts. (Please feel free to re-share them with your friends ..etc)
  • You could also make a wish and send us an email at on what product you would like to order and which is not present on the offers section and we will work something out for you and make an offer for you that excites you ! The wishlist is open even now so please feel free to send in your wishes and we will have it featured.

Please check back and stay tuned with our blogs to see updates on what are the offers and what are things that you could buy and plan your budget accordingly.

Also be noted that it is not a clearance sale and the offers are made in a real motivation to convey our gratitude to designers/hackers and companies who enabled us to persist as a company  ! 












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